New Year

DSCN2272New Year – the most favorite holiday for adults and kids. Holiday of New Year always covers all of people  strange feeling as if something joyful and magical should happen . Everywhere stand festive atmosphere, everyone preparing for the holiday by prepare gifts and make up their house. New Year Holiday – it’s like a fairytale what await all people, especially kids.

Older tradition of Kopytsya’s family is to make “Christmas fairytale” for kids in kindergartens of town Nizhin: “Pearl”,”Birch”,”Sokolyatko”, Kindergarten them. Chkalov.

Kopytsya Nataliya with Santa Claus congratulated employees and preschool children with the New 2015 Year and Christmas on the eve of the New Year.

Nataliya  Kopytsya presented gifts to the kids and staff of kindergartens and wished that the New Year would bring peace, prosperity and happiness in every home.

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