IMG_9798The Charitable Foundation “Kopitsa” was created on 29 December, 2014 by married couple Nataliya and Anatoliy Kopytsya. They are the owner and head of private enterprise “Kopitsa”, which was established in 1998. They have been recognized in Ukraine and CIS for their business as soft toys manufacturers.

The main credo of Kopytsya family is “Life – is a mission… Life – is a wisdom… Life – is a desire, a Life – is a state… Life – is a relationship… Life – is an achievement… Life – is a health… Life – it is all… Anatoliy and Natalia are going through their life with this credo. These words characterize the couple as caring and motivated people who are willing to provide assistance to those who need it.

Their active lifestyle and constant help to many residents of the city of Nizhin has helped to create this charitable foundation. Married couple tries to adapt its activities to be as useful as possible for the needs of Nizhin and Nizhin county by creating this foundation.

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