About us

IMG_9798The Charitable Foundation “Kopitsa” was created on 29 December, 2014 by married couple Nataliya and Anatoliy Kopytsya. They are the owner and head of private enterprise “Kopitsa”, which was established in 1998. They have been recognized in Ukraine and CIS for their business as soft toys manufacturers.

The main credo of Kopytsya family is “Life – is a mission… Life – is a wisdom… Life – is a desire, a Life – is a state… Life – is a relationship… Life — is an achievement… Life – is a health… Life — it is all… Anatoliy and Natalia are going through their life with this credo. These words characterize the couple as caring and motivated people who are willing to provide assistance to those who need it.

Their active lifestyle and constant help to many residents of the city of Nizhin has helped to create this charitable foundation. Married couple tries to adapt its activities to be as useful as possible for the needs of Nizhin and Nizhin county by creating this foundation.

The main purpose of the Foundation is to provide material and moral assistance to talented young people and implementation of their comprehensive development.

The main Foundation’s objectives are:IMG_2145

  • search, identification and development of talented children and youth, promoting the establishment of conditions for their learning abilities and creativity;
  • promoting the practical realization of local programs aimed at improving the situation of charity care;
  • comprehensive increasing level of morality, culture, education and spirituality;
  • providing assistance to people affected by natural disasters, economic, technological and other disasters in social conflicts, accidents;
  • providing material, financial and other assistance to talented and creative young people;
  • establishing linkages with similar charitiy and public organizations, including foreign and international;
  • promoting the development and implementation of charitable programs targeted for those who needs
    providing assistance for minor children whose parents have died, as well as a further study in professional technical and higher education institutions;
  • providing assistance to citizens of Ukraine including impoverished families, disabled, lonely elderly people who due to their disability require financial assistance and social support for treatment, surgery, using diagnostic tools;

Anatoliy and Nataliya are creative personalities. Their specialty is music, and Anatoliy paints as well. That’s why they care about the talent of children in Nizhin and Nizhin county. They provide continuous sponsorship to music competitions, such as piano competition “Rainbow” organized by Nizhin music school. Anatoliy and Nataliya were awarded the title of “Honorary Patron” in 2008-2011, 2014.
They provided stuffed toys as prizes for Nizhin children’s choreographic school, namely dance group “Chance”, dance group “Beat”. Anatoliy and Nataliya also have assisted Losynivskyi center of children’s creativity and youth.

IMG_0392Kopytsya’s family tradition is to greet Nizhin children with New Year in kindergartens “Pearl”, “Birch”, “Sokolyatko”, Kindergarten named after Chkalova. Children are always waiting for Santa Claus with gifts and soft toys.

Anatoliy and Nataliya have sensitive heart, they are indifferent to people in need. They provide ongoing charity support in their hometown. Social Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children, Boarding House, Union of the Blind constantly feel their care and support. These people like no other need love and attention. The charitable foundation of Svetlana Lukach has thanked to The Charitable Foundation “Kopitsa” for supporting disabled people in 2013. Also, Nataliya was awarded a charter for close cooperation and merciful activities with Nizhin City Red Cross in 2013.

Married couple Kopytsya don’t remains indifferent about building healthy lifestyle among children and youth of Nizhin. They have provided financial support for Nizhin football team during the trip to the annual tournament on mini football among children, held in the city Slavutich in 2015.

Anatoliy and Nataliya provide ongoing support to the local Church of the Exaltation of the Cross, namely the purchase of bells for the church and landscaping the church yard. They were awarded Metropolitan’s diplomas of Kiev and All Ukraine, Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church behind spiritual contribution and diligent labors for the glory of the Holy Church in 2010.

Тhere are a lot of people who need support in our country and at the same time there are people who are willing to provide and create these conditions. Nataliya Kopytsya was awarded a diploma in the nomination “Philanthropist of the Year – Ukrainian business structure” by the State power in 2014 in the regional competition “Philanthropist of the Year – 2014” named after Tarnowski Philanthropists.
Anatoliy and Nataliya were expressed gratitude many times in local and regional media for their charity activities in their native place.

We welcome all who share our purposes and principles for support The Charitable Foundation “Kopitsa”. Because together we can do more!

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